Phoenix teaches at multiple locations in the Denver metro area – find the location and class which works best for you! (See Below)

Phoenix’s classes welcome all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and backgrounds.

~ Along with weekly classes ~

Phoenix offers workshops, private lessons, and semi-private lessons.

~ Not Located in Denver? ~

Interested in a workshop in your area – contact Phoenix for more info. Phoenix is willing to bring skills, creativity & fun to your area!

Phoenix is available for coaching long distance.

Also, Phoenix offers various choreographies including special requests designed for you. Contact Phoenix to purchase a choreography with zills, wings, sword, feather fans, veils, & more.

Monday Nights
Monday Nights – Intermediate Class
at Belly Dance Concepts Studio in Englewood
7:30 – 8:30pm
Join Phoenix for a class focused on intermediate to advanced bellydance technique. Instruction includes advanced movement, performance, routines and props – of course, zills. In addition to technique, the class focuses on enhancing performance. This class is a monthly session and drop in if space allows. Priority is given to those paying for session. A new session starts on the first Monday of each month. 

~ Monthly Sessions ~
$9/class when prepaying for month/$13 drop in rate
The Monday class session requires previous bellydance experience including zills. Please contact Phoenix before attending this level and to preregister to secure your spot.  Limited space in each session.
Belly Dance Concepts
3361 South Corona
Englewood, CO 80113
*Back Door is Studio Entrance*

First Tuesday
First Tuesday Night of Each Month
On Hold Currently
Belly Dance Concepts Studio in Englewood
Each Month – A Different Topic $25 in advance and $30 at the door
Wear comfortable clothing to raq and roll.  Mixed level monthly class.
Belly Dance Concepts
3361 South Corona
Englewood, CO 80113
Backdoor is studio entrance.
Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights – 2 Class Levels
at Northglenn Recreation Center
Mixed Level Beginning (Level 1) at 6:30-7:30pm
Phoenix’s Level 1 Classes are a mixed level.  Level 1 focuses on the basics, beginning zills, layering and more. The class sessions rotate a variety of topics from drills to routines using various props including veils. The beginning level 1 classes are a mixed level with new and returning students.

Intermediate (Level 2) at 7:30-8:30pm
Level 2 requires prior approval from Phoenix to register. Phoenix continues the technique with more challenges and routines. The class sessions rotate a variety of topics from drills to routines using veils, candle, sword and more. All sessions at this level include zill drills. The class will progress into advanced moves.

~ Drop In Trial Class ~
Next Drop In Class: November 7th  $10/$15
2019 Drop in classes on Jan 2nd and March 6th

~8 Week Sessions~
Next Session: November 14th-December 19th (Prorated Session $52.50/$57.75)
2019 Sessions: Jan 9th – Feb 27th and March 13th – May 1st

Residents $70 and Non-Residents $77
Participants must sign up for full 8 weeks with session classes
Northglenn Recreation Center
11801 Community Center Dr
Northglenn, Co. 80233
To sign up for the Northglenn classes call the Rec Center at 303.450.8800

Sunday Evenings

Sunday Evenings – Mixed Level Class
at Trails Recreation Center in Centennial
Phoenix’s Sunday class is a mixed level class with beginning to intermediate level dancers.  The class focuses on the technique, posture, zills, layering and more. The class sessions rotate a variety of topics from drills to routines using various props including veils, sword, candle and more. Phoenix continues the technique with more challenges and routines.

~ Drop In Trial Classes ~
2019 Next Drop In Class
~ 8 Week Sessions ~
Next Session: November 18th-December 16th (prorated session price $55)
2019: Drop in class from 11:30am-12:30pm on Jan 5th and first 8 week session for 2019 begins January 6th
$88 – participants must sign up for full session
Register for the Trails Recreation Center class: or call 303-269-8400
When calling specify that this is a session based class and located under Dance Academy.
If you have any issues with finding the belly dance class sessions, please contact Phoenix.
Trails Recreation Center – 16799 East Lake Ave, Centennial, CO 80015

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Private Lessons
Semi Private Lessons

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  • I want to take more workshops from you! You are very organized and professional

    Workshop Attendee
  • Phoenix made me feel comfortable and able to step outside of my quiet & reticent comfort zone.

  • You are the best instructor I have had for teaching the zills. What I love is the variety and creativity in your style.