Dancing from Within Cards: Games & Exercises Using the Elements, Chakras & Movement
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Article on the use and benefits by Onca O’leary in the Sept/Oct 2016 edition of Zaghareet – great article with another perspective.
Dancing from Within cards blend the elements and your chakra energy with movement.
Students, teachers and groups use the activity cards to strengthen technique in your movement, enhance your presentation, open your chakras and connect with the elements. No specific dance form required, and the cards work with any form of movement. Delve deeper into your dance and movement.
The deck of Dancing from Within cards consists of 53 cards and four games. The deck contains 16 Element cards (4 of each: Earth, Water, Fire, Air) and 30 Chakra cards (4 for each of the 7 chakras and 2 Aura cards) along with an organza pouch. Instructions for 4 activities are included and are flexible to fit the individual’s needs. The first game utilizes the quality of the elements to work with your personal expression (presentation or internal). The second game utilizes the quality of the elements to work with your movement (general movement or technique). The third game utilizes the Human Talent and Affirmations to work with each chakra. The third game may naturally become internal or external depending on the individual and may be a more challenging personal experience. The fourth game utilizes two concepts and dancers work with the movement in various ways.
For the technical dancer: Utilize the games to work with variations in your movement, focus your energy on specific moves and strengthen weak areas. The cards help dancers who are ‘stuck’ or ‘stumped’ by the music or presentation.
For the metaphysical dancer: Utilize the games to work within your own energy sources. Explore closed off areas within yourself or your presentation. The games focus areas of individual needs.
For the teacher: Utilize the cards as games to vary, enhance and strengthen your students’ movements. The cards work with theatrical presentation and create a stronger stage presence.
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