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BIO Phoenix of Denver
Dynamic and dramatic, Phoenix of Denver is an acclaimed belly dance artist with a stage presence that is as unique as it is diverse. Based in Colorado, she performs and teaches nationally while directing the Sharaqa Shimmers Performance Troupe and teaching regular classes in Denver. A few of the festivals that you may have seen Phoenix are The Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, Art of the Belly in Maryland, the Hawaii Bellydance Convention, the Arise Music Festival in Colorado and more sponsored events in various states.

Phoenix’s signature style is a pastiche of Egyptian and Turkish cabaret, spiritual dance, and fusion style. Known as a theatrical performer, she excels in presenting various types of performances, with styles ranging from progressive and modern belly dance to dark Gothic pieces, light-hearted comedy acts and show-stopping sword performances. A master at Isis Wings, in 2008 she produced and starred in her internationally acclaimed instructional DVD Isis Wings with Phoenix.

With a life-long passion for dance, Phoenix’s career in Middle Eastern styles began in 1997. She trained extensively for years with a number of internationally acclaimed dancers of many different styles before starting her own classes in 2002. Phoenix is an RN specializing in neurological and spinal injury rehabilitation and uses this knowledge in her teaching style. Her precise technique and rich musicality as well as her deep understanding of body mechanics have made her a superlative instructor. In addition to technique and choreography, Phoenix emphasizes the importance of musicality and presentation. Phoenix teaches zills and musicality from the drummer and dancer perspective. This approach allows the student to understand the music and gain confidence in their own interpretation. Currently, she teaches and coaches groups and individual students in Denver, at nation-wide festivals and online.

Raising awareness to various issues relating to women’s health, safety and confidence has always been a concern of her, and along with collaborator Selayma Anan, Phoenix was the producer of the long-running annual Shimmy 2B Free, a large-scale belly dance event and theater show in Denver, featuring internationally known artists and local dancers performing to raise money to benefit socio-economic and health-based organizations.  After 11 years, Phoenix and Selayma decided to retire the festival, but Phoenix continues to sponsor various events within the Denver area.

Phoenix’s interests in the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of dance are another thing that sets her apart. She’s creator and publisher of  Dancing From Within, a popular and innovative deck of belly dance class cards. This deck, based on her holistic knowledge and teaching methods, focuses on physical and emotional development for dancers, using the chakras, elements, movement and technique, and has been lauded as a great tool for students, teachers or troupes.

Phoenix is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of belly dance by teaching, performing and sponsoring events.  Her passion for this beautiful form of self-expression is evident in every move she makes.

~By Pleasant Gehman


“I want to take more workshops from you! You are very organized and professional.”
~2015 Wyoming Workshop Participant

“Phoenix made me feel comfortable and able to step outside of my quiet & reticent comfort zone.”
~2015 Wyoming Workshop Participant

“You are the best instructor I have had for teaching the zills. What I love is the variety and creativity in your style.”

“You have helped me by having a heart of compassion, demonstrating kindness, humility, gentleness, patience and most of all fun! You are beautiful inside and out and you show us all we do not have to be perfect. Because of this teaching style, I feel we all have grown and have our individual blessings that shine as we dance.
It has helped me heal and grow. It gives you confidence and we all work very hard for you. We all have great pride and hope to make you proud without taken it to serious.”

“I love Phoenix’s’ teaching style! She is very good at explaining, takes time to let us work through it and explains in several different ways. The zills have been hard for me, but to my amazement, I have done better than I thought I could! Phoenix goes over and over each rhythm so we can catch on.
I keep coming back because she gives us opportunities to perform and is so encouraging while we are learning. I would highly recommend her if you want to learn and have fun. If you are very serious about performing at restaurants and more, she offers private lessons to get you out there on the scene. Privates offer you the chance to start from your level and work on what you want to work on.”

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