Colorado Belly Dance Event List

A site for Colorado Belly Dance Teachers and Event Sponsors to post upcoming workshops and large events!


Shopping for Dance Items

Sharaqa Shimmers Order Site

Phoenix Bellydance Raqs Site

Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies

Shimmy Bliss

Tribe Nawaar

Humming Bird Henna


DanceRelated Information/Networks

Shimmy America (US Bellydance Calendar & Dancers)

Belly-Dancing info: Promoting the art of belly dancing around the world

Full Tilt Boogie Productions (Belly Documentary Producers)

Joy of Belly Dancing

Oriental – Belly Dance Hub


Zaghareet’s World

Music Links

An eclectic group of musicians & co-hosts of the Dnote Haflas

Zel Hayal
Great music – used on the Isis Wings with Phoenix DVD

Creative artist with lots of bellydance music – used on Isis Wings with Phoenix DVD

Kara Nomadica
CDs Available on Amazon or through Phoenix


Artist Edge Photography

OzOgraphy Studios

Kristen Hatgi

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