Striking … fluid … mystical! Isis Wings provide a dramatic accent to any performance. Isis Wings with Phoenix teaches the art and technique of the Isis Wings to create a mesmerizing performance appropriate for beginning to advanced dancers

Available as DVD or Online Lessons.

The DVD has sold worldwide including 26 countries and still receiving great reviews.  This results in an effortless appearance and a personalized dance. Instruction includes:
* moves & combinations
* accents & variations
* warm-up & stretches
* performance by Phoenix of Denver
* performance tips
* advanced skills
* tips on care & storage
* types of wings – including double wings


Order the DVD or Online Lessons directly from Phoenix.
Online lessons are $10 each or $25 for all.  DVD is $15 plus shipping.
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Produced by
Isis Wings with Phoenix” Copyright 2008 Phoenix-Dancing
Running time: 114 minutes
NTSC format

Trailer for DVD:

Please note: Video trailer on the website does not represent the quality of the final product due to file size restriction for downloadable video.

The Trailer is approximately 2 minutes long and shows a few examples of my teaching style and content.

***Phoenix continues to develop new and fun ideas for Isis Wings — Contact her for updated ideas and potential workshops in your area.***

~ Comments and Feedback on the DVD ~

“Just finished my wings choreography for my Wed group and want to say thank you for your fine DVD. Could not have done it without you. They were harder to use than I thought they would be and so your information was priceless.”

~ Suzanna Del Vecchio


“You rock girl! I got my very own autographed copy yesterday and my arms are soar today, of course I haven’t been playing at all, it is a good soar though. Your DVD is packed full of information and great tips (just like you said)…..”

~ Zummurrud (Canada)


“I got my DVD from Phoenix-thanks. I like it a lot. It really is a perfect tool for those people who bought some wings and are thinking “now what do I do with them”.It is clearly explained, gets on with it and pretty soon you are into some stunning effects with the wings. The all important posture reminders are there and the good advice to check your look in the mirror.

I’ve been dancing with wings for a while and I got some new and creative ideas to use-I particularly liked the little touches and accents she included and bless you Phoenix, you actually explained how to do a barrel turn that made perfect sense to me. I’ve always had so much trouble with that.  Phoenix has a nice friendly manner on the DVD, it is very clear to see what is happening both with the wings and what she is doing. There are lots of ideas and inspiration here. I’ll be recommending this DVD to my students.”

~ Candi (United Kingdom)


“I just completed watching your dvd. I think it is great. It is beautifully done and you are graceful and elegant. Thanks for such a wonderful teaching tool.”

~Jennifer (Alabama, United States)


“Hi Phoenix – I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the DVD – there are some great ideas on there that I will definitely be exploring with my wings!!”

Desna (United Kingdom)


“ahh, the “Isis Wings with Phoenix” is a dream come true for me! I’ve never used them before, but have extensive experience with a veil – so maybe that helped to some degree.

Phoenix’s “Isis Wings” is unbelievably easy to follow, her demonstrations are carried out in a simple, straightforward manner and with the kind of energy that I, as a student, need to feel. I hit “gold” when I ordered that DVD, because I have an upcoming performance in Sept. and plan to choreograph a routine to “Ice Queen.” What had once seemed like some fantasy in my head, that is, to actually have the ability to perform a wings routine in September, has now become a reality and well within my grasp…..

Prior to Phoenix’s wings DVD, I’d never even owned nor had a pair of isis wings on! Soon I will own 3 pairs of isis wings, that’s how much I love this artform! Also, I’m gaining the confidence I need to pull off a wings routine at that festival. Her “Isis Wings” instructional DVD has literally been a Godsend to me, and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Isabel (Canada)


Your dvd arrived Friday afternoon, and I had to email you to tell you how great I think it is! Unfortunately my wings aren’t here yet but after seeing all the possibilities I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can get stuck into mastering this great prop! I thought wings were all about the spinning but your dvd has dispelled that misconception, there’s so many ways to use them without getting dizzy…. and I loved your way of presenting all the tips and variations, there’s so much on the dvd, it’s great value.

Robyn (Australia)

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